DTA Sankranthi 2008 - Panchatantra-The Hungry Lion and the Rabbit.

The work is an ancient and vigorous multicultural hybrid that to this day continues an erratic process of cross-border mutation and adaptation as modern writers and publishers struggle to fathom, simplify and re-brand its complex origins.It illustrates, for the benefit of princes who may succeed to a throne, the central Hindu principles of Raja niti (political science) through an inter-woven series of colorful animal tales. These operate like a succession of Russian dolls, one narrative opening within another, sometimes three or four deep, and then unexpectedly snapping shut in irregular rhythms to sustain attention (Story within a story).The five principles illustrated are:

Mitra Bhedha (The Loss of Friends) Mitra Laabha (Gaining Friends) Suhrudbheda (Causing Dissension Between Friends) Vigraha (Separation)thumb|300px|right|DTA Sankranthi Panchatantra-The Hungry Lion and the Raabbit

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